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The TXMAS (Texas Multiple Award Schedule) Program adapts existing competitively awarded government contracts to the procurement needs of the State of Texas. To be considered for the TXMAS Program, an existing contract must be awarded by the Federal Government or any other governmental entity in any state and awarded using a competitive process.

The majority of TXMAS contracts are created from already existing GSA (General Service Administration) Contracts. GSA awards contracts by competitive procurement procedures for more than 50 schedules that cover multiple industries. For more information on TXMAS:

If your company has an already existing GSA Contract, then it makes it that much easier to obtain a TXMAS Contract from the State of Texas. If your company does not have a GSA Contract in place, Mercury Consulting can help you. Please see Mercury's GSA Consulting Services.

Mercury Consulting offers TXMAS Consulting Services on an hourly or flat fee basis. Please contact us for a free initial consultation or if you are interested in a quote.


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