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Mercury Consulting breaks the process of Obtaining a GSA Schedule Contract into Milestones.


  • Compilation of Documentation - This stage includes research, strategy planning, discussions with you, time spent understanding company information and obtaining documentation required for transactions with GSA.
  • Preparation - This stage includes review and editing of required information in the preferred or required GSA format, including administrative, technical and pricing data.
  • Submission - This stage includes delivering the offer, and discussing with GSA to clarify and provide further information in order to ensure acceptance of the Offer.
  • Negotiation - This stage includes negotiating with GSA to determine price reasonableness of the Offer. The negotiation takes in to consideration, past performance, pricing, market research on competition, Government and commercial sales, terms and conditions, etc.
  • Post Award Administration -This stage includes the proper preparation and delivery of the final GSA Price List. A final wrap up conference will be scheduled with the client to go over the responsibilities associated with being a GSA Schedule Contractor.
  • GSA Advantage! Upload - Includes initial upload of product and services listed in the original GSA Schedule Contract Award to GSA's online shopping mall GSA Advantage!

Consulting Plan Options

Full Outsourced Plan - This plan is for Government Contractors interested in outsourcing the entire process of Obtaining a GSA Schedule Contract. This plan includes all of the above Milestones and is based on a flat rate, broken down into three payments. Click here to view the different GSA Contracts.

If you are interested in a free initial consultation or a price quote please contact us.


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