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A GSA Schedule Contract is awarded a 5 year term with 3 five year options. Keeping your GSA Schedule Contract(s) currently maintained is paramount to a successful contract because: 1.) It means you are ready for an opportunity when it arises; 2.) You are clear with the GSA Auditor with respect to compliance requirements of the Contract. GSA can cancel it at any time for non compliance; and 3.) It provides your sales team with a proper tool to do business with the U.S. Government, a multi-billion dollar market.

GSA Schedule Contract Maintenance includes any to all of the following:

  • Modifications to the Solicitation
  • Modifications to the Pricelist - Types of modifications are: Addition/Deletion, Price Reduction, and Economic Price Adjustment and Administrative changes.
  • Contract Support & Assistance
  • GSA Advantage! Services
  • Contract Extensions - Most GSA Contracts are up for renewal every 5 years.
  • Contract Monitoring and Compliance
  • Audit Support
  • Sub Contracting Plan for Large Business
  • Novations and Change of Name Agreements
  • Contract Storage

Mercury Consulting offers several options to help your company maintain your GSA Schedule Contract.

Hourly Plans: The client can choose from purchasing hourly blocks of time. The more hours purchased the better the rate. Hours are only debited if Mercury Consulting is doing work for you.

Annual Maintenance Plan: This is a great way to create a set budget over a one year term and get unlimited support on your Government Contracts. A one year contract term with set monthly payments is required for this plan.

By the Project: Mercury Consulting, Inc. will quote on a per project basis. A flat fee will be determined prior to the beginning of the project and broken into 2 payments.

For more information or to request a proposal, please contact us.


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